Investment Management

We are experts in capital transactions, asset management, fund strategy and administration and risk management.

With extensive local market knowledge and significant access to off-market transactions, we manage a variety of direct property assets in Australia for our suite of investment funds as well as for third party investors.

Active Assetmanagement

Diligence and Commitment across the Entire Property Life Cycle

Real I.S. Australia manages a portfolio of 1.25 bn A$ with more than 188,000 square meters. Proof of successful management and the basis of sound return and sustainable development are reflected by the high average letting rate of around 100 %.

Real I.S. assumes all management and control tasks in all the phases of a property's life cycle, from management right through to sale, with our fundamental approach of a long holding period. With the ability to react flexibly to trends in the market in mind, we conduct analyses on an ongoing basis, evaluate opportunities and risks and, if appropriate, decide on selling at short notice. This is what we understand by active asset management and what underlies our long track record in bringing property cycles to a successful conclusion.

Real I.S.'s success is based on the rigorous screening and analysis of the global market, with a focus on medium-and long-term macroeconomic developments in the key economies and their property and capital markets.

The Real I.S. Research team provides important information during the entire investment process, which enables us to subject conventional market opinions and trends to scrutiny with the requisite serenity.

Real I.S. draws on the results of its own market observations as well as on research material provided externally. Extensive economic data such as country ratings or an evaluation of development in the interest rate and currency markets are based on research carried out by BayernLB. The sum total of this knowledge is incorporated into our "Realometer" research tool.